Animal Crossing: New Horizons – What I’m All About Right Now

I am not a gamer. I would rather watch someone playing from behind cause I easily get afraid and get sad if I die in the game – die not lose.

I finally got my hands on the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons (AC) on 21st of March. Mine came with a free Tom Nook key ring. I didn’t know what I was signing up for because I am not a gamer although I have a Switch. I have heard of the game but I have not looked into it. I just know that the game is cute and popular.

The game will ask for your name and to name your island. I was so convinced that I will be playing alone and will not be going to play with other players so I put  my name as ‘tots’ – this is what my partner calls me and he got the game for me. I did not realize that there is an uppercase feature for that so my name is just lower case tots. LOL I was caught off guard when Tom Nook asked me what to name my isle, so my brain went running around to name my island. The best I came up with is ‘crossy’. For some reason, I keep on associating Crossy Roads, a mobile game and Animal Crossing. I am regretting this now, especially when I look at my Passport page as it says tots and crossy. I thought of correcting that but it means I have to re-start my game but I do not want to do that. Hindsight, I would have been Janine or Ja and my island’s name would be Kokomo (that song by the Beach Boys) or just Pear Town (my isle’s native fruit).

Two weeks into playing the game, I was playing alone and regularly used my Nook Tickets to go to Mystery Islands and get more resources. During the earlier days of me playing AC, I just did the basic playing where I mainly talked with  my OG villagers – Biff and Plucky. When it unlocked the gifting interaction it made me want to talk to my villagers more as I enjoyed giving gifts to them. I noticed they do not like getting footwear so just hold onto them. I remember giving Biff a flower and the next day he put it on display and that started my never ending friendsgiving with my villagers. I also love Saturdays as it means that K.K Slider is on my island.

I then joined a Facebook group for AC in NZ to which I learned a lot of things that you can do in AC. For a new AC player like me, it is a good idea to join this group as you will get to interact with other players. I learned that there is more to cutting trees and talking to the cute villagers in the game. I learned how to make a fortune of bells in AC through the stalkmarket. Shout out to Shivs. If it wasn’t for the turnips, I wouldn’t be able to get a 2.4 mill bells of mortgage from Tom Nook. Also, I ended up playing and interacting with other players which is fun. One of my favorites is Celeste where she gives you these magical DIYs. I also like wishing upon the stars.

4.000 worth of turnips every Sunday

Suddenly, my isle got all of its 10 villagers to which 2 had already left but replaced. Right now, I have Plucky, Drago, Victoria, Ava, Biskit, Ellie, Vic, Gigi, Queenie and Tex on my island. I lost Quillson and Biff as they wished to move somewhere else and of course I have to set them free. 🙁

Biff leaving Crossy

I am not a gamer yet this game made me stuck on my couch throughout the lock down period. I just checked my Switch and to date I have spent more than 230 hours playing AC – that is a big deal for me. This game made me sort of a gamer and gave me more reasons to stay at home. I love everything AC.  See you and take care always.

K.K Slider

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