My Low Buy/No Buy Intention

Come 2020, I realized that my space is cluttered with clothes and makeup. My closet is not so pleasing to look at because of clothes. I have done 4  major decluttering or purge on my clothes and makeup last year still, I do not look forward to opening my closet and tallboy.

Secondly, I also realized that when it comes to shopping, I always get carried away. When  I shop for clothes or makeup – I always get things in multiple. If the item comes in white and blue then I will grab white and blue. During my down time, I will go to the shops and browse things and end up doing a shopping haul. When I am on my phone I do ‘screen shopping’ where I put things in my shopping cart and all most every time I hit the purchase button. Whenever a favorite YouTuber raves something that they like, yes – I would rush to my laptop or to the shop to get them. The thing is, there is always that guilty or  that empty feeling after getting those purchases. Thinking about it now, I am not proud of it. I guess I am maturing and I am getting better with my money. My goals also shifted. I am now more focused on saving up for my first house and also more travels outside New Zealand. I know that these things will provide me more joy and will make me feel successful and more accomplished rather than having things that will expire or I will outgrow and that will clutter my space.

Yes – I will still be buying things only when needed. I will be more mindful. Below are the questions that I ask myself if I am tempted to get something. I got some of these questions from the book “The Conscious Closet” by Elizabeth L. Cline, but others I made myself!

1. Do I need this item?

2. Is it ethical/sustainable?

3. Do I already own something like it?

4. Could I/would wear this item everyday? If not, is it an occasion item I could use repeatedly?

5. Where will I wear it and how often?

6. What does this go with? How many new outfits can I create using this piece? (Should be at least 3-5)

7. Do I need to buy more to be able to wear it?

8. Is it in neutral, classic, or versatile color(s)?

9. Could I wear this item in 10 years?

10. Does it fit exactly how I want it to?

11. Does it look exactly how I want it/need it to?

12. Is it comfortable?

13. Is it special?

14. Do I love it?

15. Do I feel like myself? Does it fit my personal style? Or does it just represent someone else’s style that I admire?

16. Am I at peace with this item?

This January, I am happy that I have not purchased anything that I do not need and I intend to keep on going. Will you also be doing a low buy challenge this year? I will be doing an update from time to time here. Thank you and see you.

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