My Working From Home Experience – 1st Week

This Monday (22.03.2020), the New Zealand Government announced that the country is going into lockdown. During this time, I have been working from home and just trying to be more productive even though it is hard. I am honestly grateful that I am given the opportunity to work from home but a lot of people’s lives are affected.

I was so excited to be doing this for the first time so I bought an extra office table to be more comfortable. Also, the next morning I was looking forward to turning on my laptop and doing work. I got to eat my breakfast without rushing while watching the news. I also did heaps of cleaning in my kitchen as it helps me feel relaxed.

To be honest, I fell off track during my first week of working from home. Not factoring in the technical problem that I encountered, I think it is because I changed my working hours drastically. Before the lockdown, I was working from 6:30 am to 2:30. Working from home meant that there is more flexibility so there were days that I started at 9 am or 10 am. At the end of the day, i felt more tired than usual and felt so sluggish.

Though I was able to do a good amount of work, I still feel unproductive and it made me feel guilty and ashamed. 

I will be switching things  up next week. I will update what steps I have done to be more productive while working from home.

There is a lot of uncertainty and panic going on at the moment. I am thinking about my family and friends in the Philippines during this time. All that we can do is to stay at home and there is not much that we can do.

I decided to take this time as a self improvement opportunity and get to know my deeper self as I cannot go outside. 

I hope that you are all safe and I wish you take this time as another opportunity to spend time for yourself, family and people that you care about. Stay safe & sending so much love. 

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